Our Story

We are passionate in everything we do.  What we do is simple. We make natural skincare products and that's it. Nothing complicated about that.

We simplify the process, use natural products, buy from lovely people, spanning from just around the corner to a small village in Ghana and treat them well and most importantly, we never hurt animals in the process.

We keep our recipes as chemical free as possible to ensure that:

• Our products really work on each skin type
• We help you to create a simple, no fuss beauty routine
• We deliver a first class service, repeatedly, every day
• We look after you, our customers
• We look after our team who help you and our suppliers who help us
• Our love and cuddles go a long, long way

Most of all we believe in NO. Well, that's;

• No parabens
• No SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate)
• No petroleum / mineral oil
• No phthalates
• No petrochemicals
• No PEGS (Polyethylen Glycols)
• No DEA
• No GM, pesticides or herbicide residues
• No animal testing or cruelty

We also care about the environment so all our packaging is recyclable